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Elise line

Elise line

100% electric, no fumes, no noise
Maximum load capacity
1 200 Kg
Maximum torque
3x120 Nm
Maximum total weight
5 000 kg

Experience the Elise, why?


A 2021 survey by McKinsey & Co. revealed that 78% of off-highway, agriculture, heavy machinery and municipality equipment dealers see selling new products and services for electrified equipment as the most significant opportunity presented by the energy transition to clean energy.

Different philosophy and thinking

It works differently, it sounds different, it is precise and you can set it up according to your needs. It is a computer with a lot of power and endless possibilities. But you have to change your mind when operating the machine, because no one will come with a reserve tank when you run out of fuel.

Solution tailored to your needs

Enable and disable functions, set the parameters of the machine, create macros and combine hardware options whichever way you need. Create user profiles, choose from various options of operation and make sure that your operators use only what they really need for their needs.

Fully electric, cost effective and upgradeable

When in doubt, this is why we believe our machines are the right ones for you. Extreme power, clean operation and minimum noise for the operator and also zero emission. With the tiny percentage of moving parts, there are much fewer repairs needed, reducing operating costs by more than 80%. Our machines are constructed that every new generation features can be implemented to the older generation.

Where most of our machines work

Our partners and their customers find our machines most valuable in the following industries

Recreational, sports facility & mountain resort maintenance

Agriculture / Eco / Bio

Interior construction / Demoliton

City construction / Demolition / Landscaping

Recycling / Waste disposal

Power plant maintenance / Mining Industry / Ports and Harbours

Key features

Low noise, no fumes, no fluids to leak

Extreme power, clean operation and minimum noise for the operator and environment makes Elise ideal for farmers, municipalities and interior operation.

Power / Normal mode

This feature allows users to customize the machine's performance according to their current needs while reducing energy consumption and costs.

60+ attachments for all sorts of tasks

Our attachment list grants you the ability to use your Elise to the fullest. If you'd however like to use your old hydraulic ones, we have Toro Dingo for that.

Remote control abilities

All of our Elise machines are packed with remote control suite - via the Danfoss remote, or even with our mobile app in case you need a quick backup solution.

Lithium and lead-acid batteries

Various options for battery setup available according to customer's specific work and maintenance requirements, as well as desired loading capacity.

Travel speed parameter setup

Newest functionality of our machines allows operator to find the right travel speed setup for each of the 4 travel speeds for optimum performance while perfoming specific tasks.

Cabin-Free Variation

An Elise line variation operates without a cabin, designed for use in hazardous or contaminated environments that demand higher levels of operator protection.

4 travel and hydraulic speeds

Extreme precision of the machines is achieved by 4 individual speeds that the operator can choose from for both hydraulic and travel functionalities. Can be further modified by operator.

Joysticks in-cabin mode

Intuitive control system that can be customized according to individual preferences. Precise control of the machines with button mapping option for specific needs.

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet owners can effortlessly oversee each machine's performance, allocate varying permissions to operators, and manage unique account credentials for each unit in their garage.


The original medium capacity skid steer loader

100% electric, no fumes, no noise

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